With healthcare costs out of control, employers are looking for ways to keep costs down and profit margins up.

According to data from the CDC IMF, U.S. productivity losses related to absenteeism cost employers more than $225.8 billion a year. This equates to about $1,700 per employee.

Today’s U.S. workforce faces serious health related challenges. At Signum CrossFit believe can be improved by proper nutrition and, exercise.

Obesity is massive endemic affecting the U.S. workforce.

According to the GHBI (1), full-time overweight workers with chronic health problems miss ~450 million more days than healthy workers. This is costing corporations more than $153 billion a year in lost productivity

Finally $1 in every $6 spent on U.S. health care is related to heart disease and stroke. These are some of the most costly health problems facing our nation and employers today.

In additional, medical expenses for individuals with chronic diseases such as diabetes can be more than double that of people without diabetes.

According to the American Diabetes Association, the average medical expenditure for people diagnosed with diabetes is about $16,750 per year.

Medical expenditures for people with diabetes can be approximately 2.3 times higher than the expected costs if they did not have diabetes.

Many of the common causes related to diabetes (especially type 2) are directly related to improper nutrition and sedentary lifestyles.

Poor nutrition habits & sedentary lifestyles are what we look to combat under our Workplace Wellness Program

We focus on behavior change and promoting a healthy lifestyle rather than a restrictive diet. Our goal is to foster a healthy environment for your employees, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

We educate, provide resources, track biometrics, and support to improve the overall health of your workforce. Our programs are guided, tested and have proven results.

To learn more visit our Nutrition Program and lets get started.

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