Jackie Nutrition Client Success Story

Jackie has been putting in the work to create a healthier lifestyle. She came to us in April of 2018. The photo on the left is from 1 year before she started.

She wanted an energy and confidence boost and to set an example for her students!

Jackie was looking for a “wedding workout plan” for her big event that was coming in 6 months!

She started personal training and decided it was time to take it to the next level 2 months afterwards by changing up her nutrition! Let’s hear from Jackie on her experiences thus far (and it’s only just beginning for this girl!)…
Q. How long have you been following Signum’s nutrition program?
A. I have been doing Signum’s nutrition plan for 2 months, and personal training with them for (over) 6 months.

Jackie has also seen results in the gym as shown by her accomplishments below

Running Badge
Handstand Pushup Badge
Accountability at the Gym
Back Squat Badge
Rope Climb Badge
Deadlift Badge

Q. Why did you start?
A. I started because I wasn’t seeing the results I hoped to see by just working out, and I wanted to learn more about eating balanced meals. .

Q. What have your results been so far?
A. So far I have lost 9.9 lbs of body fat mass, and gained over 2 lbs of muscle in just 2 months of following the nutrition plan!
Q. What would you say to someone considering the nutrition program at Signum?
A. I would tell anyone considering the nutrition program at Signum TO GO FOR IT! It’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s educating yourself the the tools you need to be successful long term!

Jackie at her wedding
Jackie with her pigs
Jackie Bride