We Are Going to Have to Let You Go

It was sunny winter day. The date was January 26, 2016. My wife and I just got back from a babymoon vacation in Aruba.

I was called into my department head’s office and as I rounded the corner sitting with him was the head of human resources.

My stomach started to twist and I wanted to run away.

I sat down in the chair and they said to me that line that no one wants to hear, “we are going to have to let you go.”

I was worried about the future of our family. What about healthcare? How are we going to be able to pay our bills? Are we going to have to move in with my parents?

That last one was when it really hit home.

It set in motion a series of decisions and events.

Those events led us to opening Signum CrossFit. And professionally, it is the best decision we have ever made.

We are getting back on our feet and doing what we love to do; helping others!

“We Are Going to Have to Let You Go” was one of the most powerful and effective things anyone has ever said to me.

When many of our client come to us for a No Sweat Intro, often times they recently had a “We Are Going to Have to Let You Go” moment.

No they are not recently fired. But that moment may have sounded something like:

“You are going to have to go on this medication.”

“You’re cholesterol is too high.”

“You’re going to need surgery.”

Someone told them some news and they decided to take action. They decided to take control of the situation. They decided to come to Signum CrossFit.