On A Scale of 1-10…

We do intro sessions at Signum CrossFit where we sit down for 20 minutes with everyone that walks in the door for the first time. We discuss their goals and come up with a plan to meet them.

Everyone is asked, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how important are these goals to you?” And then I sit back and listen.

Chances are, if you are reading this, I have asked you this very same question.

The data I have collected shows that with over 90% of you are say your health & fitness goals are an 8 or above.

What does that mean to me? That means that outside of your own health & fitness there are only 2 other things in your lives that rank above it.

I sit back and listen, and for the majority of you the only thing that ranks ahead of their health & fitness are your family and work obligations. And rightfully so!

I believe that most humans are good people at heart.  You are putting the needs of others such as your family ahead of your own desire for six pack abs.

You are stating that the ability to meet work obligations, which puts food on the table for others, is more important than your ability to squat clean 150 pounds.

And I agree with you. I will be honest, my own health & fitness goals actually rank about a “6” vs all my other obligations. More on that if you ask me.

But maybe it’s time to put yourself first. Maybe it’s time for you to put yourself as a “10!”

I know it sounds like a selfish approach but my own clients tell me this every single day!

“I don’t have the 3pm crash at work anymore”

“I am able to pick my grandkids up off the floor”

“I can play 18 holes of golf with my wife without my back hurting the next day.”

“I have the energy to take my kids to soccer practice and swim lessons.”

“My wife is noticing the difference in my attitude.”

Listen and read closely, these changes our clients are making are not selfish. These changes are for the 9’s & 10’s in their lives. They are having a direct impact on their work & family obligations.

So, REALLY, on a scale of 1-10, how important are your health & fitness goals?