In 2021 do you want to lose the weight FAST…or FOREVER? 

Have you lost sight of your nutrition and fitness goals amongst all the uncertainty and instability?

Many nutrition experts advertise “quick fixes” and “rapid results” challenges during the month of January. 

You may even find yourself clicking on that too-good-to-be-true link, yearning for the changes promised in such a short amount of time!   

What if I told you you could lose the weight fast…OR you could lose the weight forever.    

Well, you’re in the right place. We are here to help revive that passion and motivation for your health in 2021.

Introducing our 6 Week Revival Partner Nutrition Challenge! 

Signum’s Revival Nutrition Challenge is not about the number on the scale, but instead, about your energy levels, sleep quality and overall wellness.

Our challenge will help you create sustainable, lifelong habits to reach your fitness and nutrition goals.  

Hear from some of our past Nutrition Challengers!

amish oatmeal

“Knowledge and dedication are clearly present at Signum. The coaches passion for what they are doing and genuine friendliness pull it all together!”

-Terry S.

amish oatmeal

“After my first workout, I was hooked! This morning I had my midpoint check-in and lost 12.7 pounds; I’m motivated even more to reach my goal. Thanks to everyone at Signum!!”

-Chris K.

By the end of this 6 Week Revival Nutrition Challenge, you’ll gain:

Confidence and clarity around what to eat in order to feel your best

Master how to fix quick and healthy meals and snacks for you (and your family!)

Begin to move your body in order to help increase energy and decrease stress

This challenge would be perfect for you (and your partner) if:

You are ready to make some sustainable and practical changes in 2021

You want to improve your overall health, and/or the health of your family

You want meal and recipe ideas that are simple and convenient

You're on a budget and you think eating healthy is expensive

You’ve tried other diets only to end up disappointed and right back to where you started

Want to learn how to fill your plate with enough food to satisfy your hunger while reaching your fitness and nutrition goals

What is included in this 6 week challenge?

Three, 15-minute Zoom calls with your nutrition coach (Beginning, Midpoint, End)

A Comprehensive Revival Nutrition Challenge Handbook

Access to our exclusive Nutrition App

Access to our Private Facebook group for added community and accountability

Direct access to 4 Nutrition Coaches with a wide range of expertise!

Weekly Facebook Live Q+A’s with expert Nutrition Coaches

Time, sleep and stress management tips and worksheets

Prizes for engaging and participating along the way!

Online Personal Training (limited spots)

Nutrition Challenge Pricing Options

Nutrition Client Testimonials

Hear it from some of our incredible past nutrition clients!

amish oatmeal

“This program keeps me accountable with my goals and myself! Knowing my coach will be checking up on me and cares about my success has changed my life!”

-Elana H

amish oatmeal

“This winter, like many others I found myself in a rut. I am now in control of my eating habits and exercising daily has helped me so much. Without this challenge my mental and physical state would have suffered even more. I’m forever grateful!”

-Jen D.

amish oatmeal

“It never was about numbers, pounds, or inches, but certainly has improved! I feel absolutely more energetic, and am very thankful for the systems Signum taught me. Thank you for the boundless support, the cheers, and the optimism you project everyday.”

-Joe D.