meal prep workshop for beginners

Feel more empowered in the kitchen and learn how to make meal prepping a way of life!

Is this course for me?

Many people imagine meal prep as a fridge full of perfect little matching containers, and eating the same meal over and over and over again. Sounds pretty boring and unappealing, amiright! A very common thing we hear from our nutrition clients is, “I absolutely do NOT have time for meal prep!” Trust us, we’re busy working moms ourselves, we get it!
We’re here to tell (and show!) you that meal prep does NOT have to be boring, or unappealing, or take up hours upon hours of your day.

By the end of this 4 week meal prep course you’ll gain confidence in the kitchen, make meal prep a non-negotiable, and actually free up time you didn’t even know you had!

If you've tried meal planning only to get frustrated and stop...

If you want to improve your overall health, and/or the health of your family...

If you think meal prep sounds time-consuming, or daunting...

If you want meals that are simple and convenient...

If you're on a budget and you think eating healthy is expensive...

If you dread meal planning and grocery shopping...

**price increases to $89 on 7/14/20**

meal prep workshop
meal prep workshop

**price increases to $89 on 7/14/20**

What will I learn?

During this 4 week course you’ll learn to meal prep like a pro, with loads of expert guidance and accountability! Set yourself up for success and learn the lifelong tool of how to meal prep! ​Eating a healthy, balanced diet is so important, especially to keep your immune system strong. With many of us spending more time at home, now is a great chance to keep a healthy meal routine and/or learn how to meal plan. 

Comprehensive meal prep guide

Private Facebook group for added accountability

Weekly Facebook Lives with expert Nutrition Coaches

Time and stress management tips and worksheets

Loads of meal prep recipe ideas and cooking demos

Budget savvy tips and how to reinvent leftovers

Nutrition Client Testimonials

Hear it from some of our incredible past nutrition clients!

amish oatmeal

– Amanda T.

“My muffin liners finally came in! First up, AMISH OATMEAL, muffin-style! Delicious, colorful, easy, healthy, versatile!”

– Elana H.

“I meal prep because it saves my week!  As a teacher and professional cheerleader, time is of the essence.”

– Kathy C.

“My new favorite snack to meal prep – banana quinoa coconut muffins! Protein packed, easy and convenient”

**price increases to $89 on 7/14/20**