Choose the healthy option that works best for you!


Option 1: The Healthy Plate Method

The plate method is the easiest and also a visual way to change the amounts of food that you may be eating to meet your goals.

 In summary, We want a half of your plate to be a non starchy vegetable. Some examples are green beans, broccoli, kale.

 Then you are going to fill a quarter of your plate with a lean protein such as fish, chicken, ground turkey, etc.

 Finally a quarter of your healthy plate is going to be a starchy carbohydrate.

 So that could be sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa. We just want to avoid highly processed carbohydrates that are mostly found in the center aisles of your local grocery.

 Finally we want our healthy fats. Yes you heard that right, it is ok to eat certain fats.

 We want about a thumbs amount. So whether you’re cooking with olive oil or adding some grass-fed butter when it’s all said and done that works.

 To put it all together you can use a three compartment container like the ones pictured here.

 This is what we use for meal prepping our lunches. We fill half with the non starchy vegetable. Next we fill the medium section with our lean protein. Finally the smallest section is filled with our starch.

Option 2: The Hand Rule to build a healthy plate.

Another simple method is the hand rule. This is a great option if you dont have meal prep containers or you are out at a restaurant.

For women, you will use one hand and for men you will use two hands. This will all make sense in a minute.

For women the size of your palm will be your lean protein. So fish, chicken, ground turkey, etc. For most it will be around 4 ounces.
For men it will be double so two palms worth in size and thickness or lean protein.
Next your balled up fist will be your non-starchy vegetables. Again for men, it will be two balled up fists. So get your veggies in guys!
Next, make a cupped hand and that will be your starchy carb. Dont go overboard here and make it a heaping pile. Again, for men it will be two hands worth.
Finally for your healthy fat, it will be about a thumbs worth.
This is a great method for proper portion control and to have a healthy plate for when you are on the go or at a restaurant.