Healthcare Spending

The chart above is a depiction of what the American consumer spends their hard earned money on.

In it we depict such essential items as food, energy (gasoline, utilities, etc.), taxes, financial obligations (mortgage, credit cards, car loans, etc) and above all else, HEALTHCARE.

They are all shown as a percentage of what economics defines as personal income. Simply stated, personal income is an individual’s total earnings from wages, investment enterprises, and other ventures.

In my former career, I used to track this chart.

For the first time though consumer spending on Healthcare is now the biggest line item.

It took over the number one spot from financial obligations in 3Q18 at 13.54% of Personal Income.

Think about that! For the average consumer, healthcare expenditures cost more than their mortgage, credit card and auto loans combined!

And for the last 10 years it costs more than the check we cut to Uncle Sam!

Healthcare has shown little signs of slowing down in the 40 years of this chart.

As a society we have struggled with solving the healthcare problem in this country. many presidential administrations have tried from both sides of the aisle. But it doesn’t seem to slow down.

Dont get me wrong, Signum CrossFit, a small personal training & nutrition studio in Maryland does not have the answer to fix the national healthcare system. Politics is not our forte.

Exercise & nutrition is where we excel!

Many of the healthcare problems plaguing our country are due to chronic disease. Or  a sedentary lifestyle and the excessive consumption of refined carbohydrate & sugar.

The definition of “a cure” is a substance or treatment that cures a disease or condition.

At Signum CrossFit, we don’t have the cure to the National Health Care System.

But we do have a cure to many of the chronic diseases that may be ailing you.

It is two parts. First, eat real whole foods such as lean meats, vegetables, nuts & seeds, little starch and no sugar.

Second, exercise using functional movements at relatively high intensity.

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