You Need Less Authority and More Authenticity

You turn on your TV, open your social media apps, tune into your favorite radio station and all you hear are authority figures. Men and women telling you what to do in every aspect of your life from love to finances to school to health and fitness.

Our social media feeds are littered with personal trainers and “authority figures” in the health and fitness industry.  telling us to buy the latest supplement or try the newest shake diet.

Or personal trainers with ripped abs telling us to try their new workout that is guaranteed to get us the body we want in <insert number> of days.

It’s always men and women that appear as if they are on top of the world. Like they figured it out and are sitting around a table just laughing and chuckling about the rest of us.

It’s like the health and fitness industry just assumes that everyone out there is lazy and cant get up off the couch to do some air squats.

We are surrounded by Authority figures.

But Authority is not what inspires us. At least not our clients at Signum

Like you, our clients love Authenticity.

The industry wants to show us pictures of models with arms and abs that were chiseled out of stone.

Instead show us the picture of the mother of two that gets up at 5am in the morning with her hair a bit disheveled to get in her workout.

Tell us the story about the husband that’s trying to get a piece of his 20-something self back by attending the 5pm class on his way home from work but has to scale all the movements.

Tell us about the couple that struggles with eating healthy because of the effort that goes into it.

Tell us about the stories of Authenticity. Real people, living real lives with real problems.

At Signum we have a small community. Not all of them have body fat %’s in the single digits or a 500lbs deadlift but they are Authentic. They have real struggles in their health and fitness.

And we try to be Authentic with all of them. We try to be real. We try to work through real world problems and find a solution.