The chart in this post can be confusing but bare with me. It is merely the U.S. population that is aged 65 & older divided by the working age population. Working age population constituting those between the ages of 15-64.

In economics some would denote this metric as the dependency ratio. It has major implications for our economy, demographics and the future of our country as a whole.

But it brings to light the quality of life as we age!

According to U.S. Census Bureau projections, we are just beginning a tidal wave of aging that won’t see any relief FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS!

Aging Population

Simply put…We are getting older as a country.

But we don’t have to sit idle and watch our productivity and functionality fall by the wayside.

Over the next 

20 years, our health & fitness will need to be put at a premium. And it is my opinion that national healthcare and the government is not going to solve this problem!

Change must happen by us taking actions as individuals.

We need to take take better care of ourselves through proper nutrition. The country needs to get off the couch and off the processed carbohydrates and sugar!

We need to take care of ourselves with proper exercise & strength training.

Strength training has many benefits as we age

It helps rebuild muscle, increase metabolism, improves bone density, revitalizes cellular vitality and many more.

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