Today we are going to review our 10 favorite low carb cocktails to order at the bar when you are out to celebrate this new years. 

At Signum’s Nutrition Program, we understand that our client’s need to treat themselves from time to time.

So we are not going to sit here and tell you to not celebrate and enjoy a cocktail….or 5 as we reign in the new years. 

We are going to give you a countdown of our favorite low carb cocktails that are also low in sugar content. 

We ranked these cocktails based upon three factors:

  • Carb and sugar content – 1 being a high amount of sugar, 5 being the least amount. 
  • Taste – 1 being not that tasty & 5 being delicious! This part was subjective as we took the average of all our votes. 
  • Calories – 1 being higher calories & 5 being less.

Let me be the first to admit. This was the most fun I have had “researching” for a blog post.

But remember please enjoy responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. And try to drink water throughout the night.

Let’s drink up…uhhh i mean, dive in.

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Top ten low carb cocktails to order at the bar

#10) Skinny Orange Crush

(Taste – 4.25, Sugar Content – 1, Calories – 1)

This is an alternative to the original version because it cuts out the high sugar content that comes with sprite soda. But, despite its name, it’s still relatively high in sugar and calories due to the orange juice. This scored well on taste because they are delicious but not well on nutritional facts.

Skinny Orange Crush

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  • 1 oz vodka
  • 2 oz seltzer water
  • 1 oz triple sec
  • 1 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Serve in a high ball glass and garner with a slice of orange.
Skinny Margarita Nutrition Facts

#9) Champagne

(Taste – 2, Sugar Content – 3, Calories – 2)

Despite the popular notion that champagne is high in sugar it actually is not relative to other alcoholic drinks. How much sugar they add to champagne determines its category: brut nature, extra brut, brut, extra dry and demi-sec. Brut nature has the least amount of sugar and demi sec the most. Demi-sec champagne can contain about 33g-50g of sugar per bottle whereas a brut champagne contains less than 15g. But at 138 calories (according to My Fitness Pal) it did not score well on calories. And it was not popular among the team.



  • 6oz of your favorite bubbly
  • Serve in a chapagne glass
Champagne Nutritional Facts

#8) Old Fashion

(Taste – 2, Sugar Content – 3, Calories – 2)

A classic here especially if you are going for that Donald Draper look. There are many variations of the old fashion but we stuck with the classic version. It’s simple and while the ingredients do require a little bit of sugar, it is raw sugar rather than refined and processed. The only reason it was knocked down in taste testing is that not everyone is a bourbon fan. Oh well…we aren’t all perfect! And dark liquors, such as bourbon, tend to have a higher calorie count.

Old Fashion Pic

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  • ½ tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp water
  • 3 dashes of bitters
  • 2 oz of bourbon. We prefer Maker’s Mark
  • Serve in a low ball glass with one large ice cube.
Old Fashion Nutrition Facts

#7) Guinness Beer

(Taste – 2.25, Sugar Content – 2, Calories – 3)

This list couldn’t just be all mixed drinks. We had to include something for our beer lovers. But we didn’t want to put a beer on here that tastes like water. So why not go with a classic. Versus the others, Guinness is relatively in sugar content and did not rank well on calories, It did not do well on taste because not everyone on the team is a beer lover. That said, they are delicious, in my opinion.

Moscow Mule


  • 1 delicious 12 oz draft of Guinness Beer.
  • Serve in a pint glass. We recommend the two-part pour. First, pour the Guinness Draught into the pint glass at a 45 degree angle. Wait until it is ¾ full. Allow the surge to settle then top it off.
Guiness beer nutrition facts

#6) Skinny Margarita

(Taste – 4.5, Sugar Content – 2, Calories – 1)

Cue the Jimmy Buffett music. Let me say that margaritas are my jam! I don’t care what time of year it is I will always be down for a marg. Especially on Taco Tuesdays! But despite the name too many of these will keep you anything but skinny because of the high amount of sugar and calories. We even substituted natural lime and orange juice rather for the pre-made mixer. This scored well on taste though.

Skinny Margarita

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  • 2 oz tequila
  • 3 Tbsp raw lime juice
  • 2 Tbsp orange juice
  • 1 tsp agave nectar, light
  • 1 lime wedge to garnish
  • Serve in a margarita glass and garnish the rim with salt.
Skinny Margarita Nutrition Facts

#5) Dirty Martini

(Taste – 2.25, Sugar Content – 5, Calories – 1)

Another classic drink here for James Bond lovers. “Shaken….Not Stirred.” A dry martini is made with white vermouth and contains olive juice. A perfect martini uses equal amounts of sweet and dry vermouth. Oddly enough, this drink scores well on sugar content but not on calories simply because olives and olive juice have a high amount of fat. We scored it low on taste because not all of us are olive lovers. Regardless, it is actually a healthy alternative to some of the other low carb cocktails to order at the bar. 

    Dirty Martini Pic


    • 2.50 oz, Gin (or vodka if you prefer)
    • ½ oz dry vermouth
    • ¼ oz of olive juice
    • 2 olives to garnish
    • serve in a cocktail/martini glass
    Dirty Martini Nutrition Facts

    #4) Red Wine Berry Spritzer

    (Taste – 2, Sugar Content – 3, Calories – 5)

    A red wine berry spritzer is a great low carb cocktail to order at the bar. We are substituting la croix for the high sugar content of having all wine. And with this version you get a little bit of antioxidants and real whole foods with the frozen fruits. Surprisingly enough, the sugar content isn’t too high and it is delicious. The men on the Signum team didn’t rank this high on taste.

    Red Wine Berry Spritzer Pic

    Picture courtesy of Aggie’s Kitchen


    • 2 oz red wine (some prefer a sweeter red wine but sugar content will increase)
    • 4 oz La Croix mixed berry flavor
    • ⅛ cup of frozen blueberries
    • ⅛ cup of frozen raspberries
    • Ice cubes
    • Serve in a tumbler wine glass
    Red Wine Berry Spritzer Nutrition Facts

    #3) Moscow Mule

    (Taste – 5, Sugar Content 4, Calories 4)

    The moscow mule is a great low carb cocktail to order at the bar no matter the time of year. We also love it in the summer. If you can, try to have it served in a copper mug so the mug adopts the temperature of the drink. The moscow mule is a “buck” cocktail meaning that is simply mixed with ginger ale/ginger beer and a citrus mix (lime juice). This scored well on both sugar content and calories but make sure you get the diet ginger beer. One team member dented it on taste otherwise it may have been our top pick.

      Moscow Mule


      • 1 oz of Vodka (we prefer Titos)
      • 4oz Diet Ginger beer (diet really keeps the sugar down. We prefer Goslings or Barritts brand)
      • ½ a fresh squeezed lime
      • Ice cubes
      • Serve in a copper mug

      #2) The Brad P

      (Taste – 3.5, Sugar Content – 4, Calories – 4)

      I call this one the Brad P. in honor of my brother in law. I’m sure this drink has an official name but he introduced it to me over the summer. I think this drink tastes like a creamsicle but not everyone is a tequila fan so that’s why it didn’t rank as high on taste with others. It is low in sugar and calories as well. 

        Tequila and Soda

        Picture courtesy of


        • 1 oz of Casamigos Blanco Tequila
        • 4oz diet club soda
        • A splash of diet ginger beer
        • ½ a fresh squeezed lime
        • Ice cubes
        • Serve in a highball glass or copper mug
        Brad P

        #1) Vodka & Soda with a splash of Cranberry Juice

        (Taste – 4.67, Sugar Content – 5, Calories – 5)

        And the #1 low carb cocktail to order at the bar this new years eve is!…..

        Vodka & Club Soda with a Splash of Cranberry Juice!

        This one is a staple year round. It is low in calories, sugar and carbs. Note, we put the diet cranberry version in our recipe. This scored well on taste across the board for all team members as well. 

          Vodka Soda with Cranberry Pic


          • 1 oz vodka
          • 1 oz diet cranberry juice
          • 4 oz club soda
          • Ice cubes
          • Mixed and served in a high-ball glass
          Vodka Soda Nutrition Facts

          That’s our list! If you have a healthy low carb cocktail you like to order when you are out let us know! 


          Leave a comment below.